Ordered teeth whitening

Last week I was at my friend Antons place, we did not do anything special, we just hung out together and talked and looked around on the internet. Sometimes when you want to hang out with someone but do not really know what to do, you just end up looking things up on the internet. Anyway, Anton found a website where you could order home teeth whitening. We both thought it sounded like a good idee to order it because we both might have to look a little bit fresher. We both drink a lot of coffee so it’s easy to get your teeth a yellowish tone. Anyway, the kit arrived the next day and we whitened our teeth. The result was really good for both of us. It became whiter but still not too white so it looks fake, I know a friend who did not get as good results as we are. It might have been because she ordered her from an untrusted site.

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